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The goal is to make sure this piece of landscape is preserved for years to come with resource management and conservation services.


Using a particular code of ethics, our company takes pride in the stewardship we provide for this cause.


Who We Are

Conaway Preservation Group in Woodland, California, is a large, century-old wildlife ranch with more than 18K acres. We generally concentrate on wildlife- friendly farming, conservation, and resource management, however, we serve our community with outreach to children, fundraisers for local charities such as the Yolo County Food Bank and events supporting our local government.  We work closely with local, state and federal agencies concerning our natural resources and strive to maintain a balanced approach to farming in the 21st century.  A vital part of the rich history of agriculture in Yolo County, Conaway Ranch has been farmed for over 85 years.  Local tenant farmers include some of Yolo County's farming families that are in their third generation of farmers on our Ranch. 

The Ranch is also home to a vast waterfowl habitat and wetlands as migratory birds travel through the Pacific Flyway.  This habitat provides a place to rest, feed and hatch their young.  You may read more about the Pacific Highway by going to http://www.pacificflyway.gov/About.asp.  Other animals and various birds include fox, deer, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, hawks, geese, cranes and most recently we have observed a falcon! 

Rounding out our services to the community we have built a partnership with Tuleyome Home Place Adventures. (http://www.tuleyome.org/ )  Sharing in their philopsophy that all children deserve access to the outdoors- we host a variety of activities throughout the year that strengthen many core skills such as reading, research and technology, College and employment readiness and creativity.  Check our News and Events section for more information!


Contact us in Woodland, California, to request more information about our farming and programs offered.

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